How We Optimize Your Business

How We Optimize Your Business

1. Production planning
From the collection stage, your orders turned into orders, cost studies, pre-production samples and criticals are corrected and put into production, production standard, quality, size, and control and follow-up of your products until the final stageEstablishing a connection with the right manufacturer for you, minimizing all risks and errors that may arise in production, and ensuring that your products are delivered to you at the desired quality at the right time and follow up.
2. Quality control consultancy
World-known textile quality standards and implementation and control of customer-specific quality control processes. compliance with the standards of the last checked products, sewing, washing, accessories, size, color, printing and embroidery work, measurement and optical control. Making mid and final checks
3. Business development
Ensuring the production of the products that turn into orders, the possible failures and errors during the production phase, the applicability of the processes suitable for production, the easier and cost-effective production. the combination of time, quality production, reasonable cost and producer denominators, and the finding of new stages and ways by intervening in possible negative situations at the time of production.

Client Groups
Mr Bali has clear client demographics for his services


Textile manufacturers

Textile designers

Wholesalers and distributors

Importers and exporters

Fashion brands

Mills and production companies

New designers and fashion label start-ups

About us

I took an active role in the production processes of many world-renowned brands by working as a production planning and contract manager in both woven (denim) and knitted textile products in the textile sector that I started since 2002. now as the Bali Textile Consultancy Ltd company, to our customers, production planning, sales consulting, import-export counseling, we provide services on products and manufacturing consultancy, with manufacturers located in Turkey, the price ,By responding to your needs in terms of quality and deadline, we act with the logic of the right order and the right manufacturer. With the consultancy you will receive from us, we offer you the control and follow-up of your products starting from the collection stage, in both denim and knitting groups

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